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Lindsay Frucci Retells Her Rise To Business Success In The Pig & Me

Lindsay Frucci claims she was accidentally successful in business with the help of strangers from her book titled The Pig & Me.

Eric Chester Presents A Leadership Guide To Ending Entitlement And Restoring Pride In His Book Reviving Work Ethic

Eric Chester provides a comprehensive look at the problem of a workforce with an entitlement mentality and proposes solutions to Reviving Work Ethic.

Erik Qualman Describes The Five Simple Keys to Success and Influence From His Book Digital Leader

Erik Qualman discusses what it takes to succeed in the 21st Century from his latest book Digital Leader.

Barbara Weltman Clarifies The Mysteries Of The Tax Code For Small Businesses

Barbara Weltman has built a career helping small business owners overcome financial and tax issues. She shares what’s new in the tax code for 2012.

Christy Whitman Teaches Women To Be Fierce And Feminine From Her Book Taming Your Alpha Bitch

Christy Whitman is the founder Quantum Coaching Success Academy. We discuss how women can be fierce and feminine and get everything they want from her book Taming Your Alpha Bitch. 7Q4KVVX2USDZ

Larry Harding Discusses Doing Business In Brazil—The Least Known Of The BRIC Countries

Larry Harding is the founder & president of High Street Partners—a company that sets up and supports clients in their overseas locations. We discuss the least well known of the BRIC countries—Brazil.

Paul Saffo Foresees Unrest In The United States In The Summer Of 2012

Paul Saffo is a Stanford University professor, a futurist and a forecaster. He tells us why he believes the Summer of 2012 will be filled with unrest.

MIchael Farkas Gives His Vision Of The Electric Car Market In The US

Michael Farkas is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Car Charging Group, Inc.— a company dedicated to a clean, sustainable environment and an economically strong, energy-independent America. We discuss electric cars and his company’s different models of car chargers.

Kevin DeMerritt Promotes The Newest Trend in California Real Estate Investing

Kevin DeMerritt is the president of Wilshire Finance Partners. He explains the newest trend in California real estate investing—trust deeds.

John Izzo Explains How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything From His Book Stepping Up

John Izzo is a business philosopher who explains how taking responsibility changes everything from his book Stepping Up.

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Here is the lineup of guests for Guests For October 5, 2013

Guests For October 5, 2013

My guests this week are Bob McCord, founding member of VREG, talking about Ventura's budget woes; healthcare expert Sally Pipes exposing the flaws of Obamacare as the Insurance Exchanges open for business; and Stuart Crain, CEO of TVTalk discussing how his app will revolutionize television viewing. Read More

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