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Jeff Coffey Understands The Value Of Internet Video And Explains Its Benefits

Jeff Coffey,CEO of, explains the emerging importance of Internet video and how it can propel small business forward on the Internet.

Mitch Joel Shows The Way When Marketing Digitally From His Latest Book Six Pixels Of Separation

Mitch Joel is the CEO of Twist Image, an Internet marketing company that has led its clients into the new era of digital marketing. We discuss the lessons contained in his latest book, Six Pixels of Separation.

Dom Sagolla, co-creator of Twitter, Explains The Changing Landscape Of Communication

Dom Sagolla is leading himself—and the rest of the world—on a new adventure in communications. A co-creator of Twitter, we discuss his book on proper Twitter etiquette, 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form.

Chuck Martin Explains Going Mobile From His Book, The Third Screen

Chuck Martin is the CEO of The Mobile Future Institute is a U.S.–based think tank at the forefront of mobile research exploring how the mobile consumer is on the move, on location, and how the marketer will have to find where their customers are in this new digital landscape. We discuss his latest book The Third Screen.

Jared Weiner And Erica Orange Peer Into the Future Of Technology

Jared Weiner and Erica Orange are a husband-wife team of futurists. We tap into their expertise in technology to look at which technologies will be most important to us in the future and we determine if social media is here to stay.

Judith Hurwitz Explains Whether It’s Better To Be Lucky Or Smart In Technology Companies

Judith Hurwitz is considered one of the top 100 women in the computer industry by Newsweek magazine. She’s examined the combination of luck and smarts you need to succeed in today’s changing tech world based on experiences with hundreds of successful and failed companies in the software market over three decades. We discuss her findings from her book Lucky or Smart?

Gary Rosenzweig Discusses Apple’s Macintosh Computer And Its Place In Computing

Gary Rosenzweig is an Internet entrepreneur, video podcast host, Flash/Action Script guru and computer book author—including books on Apple’s Macintosh. We discuss the “culture of cool” that surrounds Apple today and why that hasn’t translated to the Macintosh computer.

Sunne Justice And Dermot Doherty Demystify Cloud Computing And Explain Their Virtual Company, iSpaces

Sunne Justice and Dermot Doherty are part of a truly virtual corporation with employees in San Miguel d’Allende, Mexico, Denver and New Jersey. We discuss the ABCs of cloud computing so we don’t become digital dinosaurs with the co-founders of iSpaces.

Michelle Manafy Discusses Dancing With Digital Natives

Michelle Manafy has researched the digital generation immersed in technology from birth, and reports on the tectonic shift an always-connected, socially networked generation is generating. She explains why we can’t ignore the implications from her book Dancing with Digital Natives.

Mark Britton Applies Technology To Word-of-Mouth Advertising For Doctors & Lawyers On The Internet

Mark Britton wants to change the Internet. He’s taking his experience with and Orbitz and applying it to the search for good doctors and lawyers. He’s building the Internet’s first search engine that rates professional services. We discover his passion for his latest company Avvo and how Avvo can help consumers.

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Here is the lineup of guests for Guests For October 5, 2013

Guests For October 5, 2013

My guests this week are Bob McCord, founding member of VREG, talking about Ventura's budget woes; healthcare expert Sally Pipes exposing the flaws of Obamacare as the Insurance Exchanges open for business; and Stuart Crain, CEO of TVTalk discussing how his app will revolutionize television viewing. Read More

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