Darrel Ray Explains How He Plans To Break Irish Law

Darrel Ray explains organized religion’s effect on people and how religion acts like a virus to infect others.

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Bob Nelson Explains Ubuntu! To Listeners

Dr. Bob Nelson, the Guru of Thank You, explained his latest book Ubuntu! to listeners of BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain.

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Dr. Susanne Cohen Discusses The Unspeakable About Halitosis

Bad breath expert, Dr. Susanne Cohen, discusses SmartMouth, the revolutionary product from Triumph Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Lisa Lillien, The Original Hungry GirlTalks Cocktails & Party Foods

Lisa Lillien, author of the Hungry Girl series of books, discusses her latest book Hungry Girl Happy Hour: 75 Recipes for Amazingly Fantastic Guilt-Free Cocktails and Party Foods

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Laura Vanderkam Believes We Have More Time Than We Think

Laura Vanderkam, time expert, shows how we have more time each week than we think.

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Andrew Schiff Explains How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

Andrew Schiff appeared on BRAINSTORMIN’ to talk about his latest book How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes. In it, he explains the growth of an economy using a parable of three men stuck on an island.

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Peter Marshall, Singer Boy, Talks About His Career

Peter Marshall discusses his career on BRAINSTORMIN’. Best known as a game show host, Peter’s passion is singing—especially the standards.

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Eric Singer Paints An Unusual Picture During Our Interview

Eric Singer amused me when he used the phrase, “Somali Pirate Time Horizon” to refer to politician’s shortsightedness.

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We’re Better Off Now Than The Kings Of Yesteryear

Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimistexplains how we are better off than most kings of the past, and why we should be optimistic about the future.

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Mary Jo Buttafuoco Writes Getting It Through My Thick Skull To Educate Others

Mary Jo.jpg

Mary Jo Buttafuoco wants her latest book to educate others about sociopathic personalities

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Bill Frank’s Guests

Here is the lineup of guests for Guests For October 5, 2013

Guests For October 5, 2013

My guests this week are Bob McCord, founding member of VREG, talking about Ventura's budget woes; healthcare expert Sally Pipes exposing the flaws of Obamacare as the Insurance Exchanges open for business; and Stuart Crain, CEO of TVTalk discussing how his app will revolutionize television viewing. Read More

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