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Patricia Schultz Updates The 1,000 Places To See Before You Die Travel Guide

Patricia Schultz makes it her goal in life to keep us busy before we die. She’s the creator of the 1,000 Places To See Before You Die series of books. It’s a big world and she’s determined not to let us miss any part of it. We discuss her revised edition of 1,000 Places To See Before You Die and the upcoming Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show.

Dom Sgambellone Gives His Political Manifesto From His Book The America Of My Dreams

Domenic Sgambellone is an American taxpayer, businessman and father who immigrated to the United States from Italy. He founded the American People’s Party. He gives us his political manifesto of what’s right and wrong with America from his book The America of my Dreams.

Leon Weckstein Relives His Valor In World War II From His Book 200,000 Heroes

Leon Weckstein helps us celebrate Veterans’ Day. He’s a war hero from World War II—who single-handedly saved the leaning Tower of Pisa and won a Bronze Star and a Legion of Merit for his service to the US. We discuss the Italian campaign in World War II from his book 200,000 Heroes.

Ivan Houston Tells Tales Of The Buffalo Soldiers In World War II From His Book Black Warriors

Ivan J. Houston was only 19 years old when he entered combat against the Germans at the Arno River in Italy. He was a private in the 92nd Division—The Buffalo Soldiers—a regimental combat team consisting of 4,000 men, mostly southern Negroes of modest education and a small complement of college men. These soldiers exhibited valor […]

Bill Fawcett Sets The Record Straight About World War II Battles

Historian and World War II expert, Bill Fawcett, banters with me about bad mistakes made during “the Good War.”

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Here is the lineup of guests for Guests For October 5, 2013

Guests For October 5, 2013

My guests this week are Bob McCord, founding member of VREG, talking about Ventura's budget woes; healthcare expert Sally Pipes exposing the flaws of Obamacare as the Insurance Exchanges open for business; and Stuart Crain, CEO of TVTalk discussing how his app will revolutionize television viewing. Read More

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