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Peter Mullin Discusses The Mullin Automotive Museum—A Hidden Jewel In Oxnard

Peter Mullin is an international expert on 1930s French cars—and he has one of the world’s foremost museums of Bugatti and classic French cars right here in Oxnard.

Guests for July 8, 2012

Guests include local Bugatti collector Peter Mullin; Salsa dance contest entrant Seana-Marie Sesma; creator of Mastercard’s “Priceless” ad campaign Kevin Allen; customer service evangelist Carmine Gallo; personal development consultant Tim Clark; and likeability expert Rohit Bhargava.

California Senate Candidate Jason Hodge Interviewed At The League Of Women Voter’s Forum

Jason Hodge, candidate for California’s State Senate is interviewed exclusively on KADY-TV.

Guests for October 12, 2011

Gina Amaro Rudan revealing our Practical Genius, Dr. Toni Yancy of the Partnership for a Healthier America discusses fitness 10 minutes at a time and Mike Wittenstein explaining Apple’s retail success.

Daisy Tatum, The First Female Chairperson Of The California Strawberry Festival, Previews This Year’s Festival

Daisy Tatum is the chairman of the California Strawberry Festival coming up on May 21-22, 2011. We discuss this year’s festival and what it’s like to be the first female chairman of that event.

Colin Rich, Creator of Pacific Star II—Tinkerer, Astronaut

Colin Rich, an underemployed camera assistant, launches Pacific Stars I and II to photograph earth from space. Pacific Star II’s trajectory takes it over Oxnard, CA.

Guests—August 6, 2010

Here is the lineup of guests on BRAINSTOMIN’ with Billy the Brain for Friday, August 6, 2010. Listen at www.BrainstorminOnline.com or on AM 1400 in Ventura at 10 o’clock am Pacific time.

Bill Frank’s Guests

Here is the lineup of guests for Guests For October 5, 2013

Guests For October 5, 2013

My guests this week are Bob McCord, founding member of VREG, talking about Ventura's budget woes; healthcare expert Sally Pipes exposing the flaws of Obamacare as the Insurance Exchanges open for business; and Stuart Crain, CEO of TVTalk discussing how his app will revolutionize television viewing. Read More

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