Julie Newmar is the original Catwoman in TV’s Batman series in the 1960s. We discuss life lessons she’s learned throughout her life from her book The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life On Earth.

Bobby Collins is a professional stand-up comedian who performs more than 200 nights per year. We’ll discuss his life in comedy and talk about his upcoming performances in Ventura.

Peter Ford is the son of Eleanor Powell and Glenn Ford. We discuss his new biography of his father’s life and what it was like growing up with Hollywood royalty from his book Glenn Ford: A Life.

Michael Learned has what it takes to succeed in the field of acting. A 4-time Emmy Award winning actress, she landed her first Emmy Award winning role on The Waltons on her first audition in Los Angeles. We discuss her latest role in daytime drama on The Young and the Restless. She also tell us about her latest stage role in Southern Comforts at the Falcon Theater.

Barry Livingston is childhood star who played Ernie Douglas on My Three Sons. We discuss the life lessons he’s learned and what he calls The Importance of Being Ernie from his latest book of the same name.

Harriett Bronson is the 1st wife of one of America’s best-known action movie actors, Charles Bronson. We discuss their life together from her memoir Charley & Me.