Suz Montgomery, the most outspoken person the City of Ventura has ever heard joined me to rant about what’s happening in Ventura and what we, as citizens, can do about it.

Colin Rich, an underemployed camera assistant, launches Pacific Stars I and II to photograph earth from space. Pacific Star II’s trajectory takes it over Oxnard, CA.

Viktor Salinas appeared on The Business of Life last fall. Since then, he was diagnosed with liver cancer, treated with chemotherapy and, subsequently, had part of his liver removed. He came on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain to talk about the experience.

Ventura citizen, Helen Yunker, told of the on-going trouble she’s had with the city of Ventura, CA over drainage issues on a city-owned lot negatively impacting her home.

Donny Caccamise joins Billy the Brain to talk cars and business as part of Celebrating the Entrepreneurial Spirit show.

Dr. Richard Rush appeared on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain to discuss Cal State University Channel Islands.