Damion “Damizza” Young Reveals His Bizarre Life And Times In His Book Guilty By Association

Damion “Damizza” Young, author of GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION

Damion “Damizza” Young has been called one of the most powerful people in hip-hop music for both his previous career as music director of L.A.’s Power 106 and New York’s Hot 97 and as the producer of hit records that have sold in excess of 30 million copies and spent hundreds of weeks on the Billboard charts. Damizza broke artists such as Eminem, Fat Joe and Jermaine Dupri and helped troubled stars such as Janet Jackson and DJ Quik out of career slumps – all the while befriending everyone from NFL Hall of Fame Legend Jim Brown (and getting involved in his world-renowned Amer-I-Can/Unity One foundations) to West Coast icons Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G. and literally dozens of others, most of whom he’s ended up producing in his post-radio career. As a solo artist himself, Damizza has a huge following in Japan as well as Southern California.

Damizza, Bill Frank (Billy the Brain) and Damizza's Granny