David Cruz Thayne Addresses His Platform For The US House Of Representatives & The Negative Advertising Surrounding The Campaign

David Cruz Thayne, Candidate for US House of Representatives 2012

David Cruz Thayne has lived the American Dream.

David’s mother, Gladys Cruz, came to America in 1969 searching for a better future than she had working in a textile factory in Uruguay.

David was born in 1971. Several years later, Gladys married David Blaine Thayne, a public high school teacher in Utah who legally adopted David as his own son.

David’s parents instilled in him life lessons from their own humble beginnings.

David excelled in tennis and won more tournaments than anyone in the Utah history. He eventually joined the professional tennis tour.

David married his high school girlfriend in 1993.

In 1998, David, his wife and their son, moved to Southern California with nothing but the belief that with enough hard work, success would come.