Janie Hampton Tells Of When The Olympics Came To London In 1948 In Her Book The Austerity Olympics

Janie Hampton, author of THE AUSTERITY OLYMPICS

Janie Hampton is the author of 15 books including social history, biography, fiction and textbooks.

She has written articles for all the major newspapers including the Independent, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, New Statesman and The Author.

She has been a journalist in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Congo and Uganda, traveling by canoe, bus, riverboat and train.

Janie has advised on many programs about the Olympics on BBC Television and Radio.

Janie is the Director of the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust, which is renovating Africa’s oldest ship back into a clinic on Lake Malawi.

Janie’s daughter Daisy nominated her for Tesco Mum of the Year for her ‘work for the people of Malawi’.

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  1. Janie Hampton
    Janie Hampton says:

    I really enjoyed talking with Bill about the last London Olympics back in 1948. It was such fun to discuss this between two people separated by half the world! Isn’t technology amazing? In 1948 messages were conveyed by Boy Scouts peddling their bikes to the Post Office with paper telegrams.

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