Ken Levine Discusses The Business Of Sitcoms And Handicaps This Season’s Possible Hits

Ken Levine, creator of the website

Ken Levine has been writing, producing and directing TV sitcoms for more than 3 decades. He’s been nominated for seven Emmys — winning one, for producing CHEERS — a show for which he wrote 40 episodes.

He was Head Writer on M*A*S*H, served as Creative Consultant to FRASIER, and wrote two of THE SIMPSONS’ most popular episodes.

Levine’s annual Sitcom Room gives comedy writers from around the world the opportunity to come to Hollywood and experience what it’s really like to be part of a sitcom writing staff.

Interestingly, Ken has also been a radio and TV play-by-play commentator for Major League Baseball games, having worked with the Baltimore Orioles (1991), Seattle Mariners (1992-94), and San Diego Padres (1995-96).

From 2008 to 2010 he co-hosted the KABC Dodger Talk radio call-in program after every Los Angeles Dodgers game, as well as the station’s weekly Sunday Night Sports Final program.

This season, he returned to the Mariners part-time to help fill in for the deceased Dave Niehaus.

For several years in the 1970s, Levine was a disc jockey using the air name “Beaver Cleaver” on several West Coast Top 40 radio stations including KYA San Francisco, and KTNQ, KIQQ and KHTZ Los Angeles.