Peter Mullin Discusses The Mullin Automotive Museum—A Hidden Jewel In Oxnard

Peter Mullin, rare auto collector & head of the Mullin Automotive Museum

Peter Mullin is Chairman Emeritus of MullinTBG and founder and chairman of M Financial.

His great love of 1930s French cars with their curvaceous, custom built bodies started as a grand passion.  After his first sighting of a Delahaye, he was smitten.

He began to collect, restore, show and even race some of these great French “beauties.”  His passion soon gave way to a cause – the preservation of the classic French automobile.

The Mullin Automotive Museum will serve as a legacy – one that captures and preserves a historic movement embodying both sublime style and superb engineering.

He is president of the American Bugatti Club and a member of the Bugatti Trust.