Indra Nooyi at Pepsico, Ursula Burns at Xerox, Angela Braly at Wellpoint, Irene Rosenfeld at Kraft Foods, Michelle Gass at Starbucks, Beth Comstock at GE and Virginia Rometty at IBM are women in key positions at major US corporations.

And women are rising to key positions in business all around the country—and it’s not going to change.

What’s less clear is the interaction between men and women in the workplace. Much of it revolves around the different communicating styles of men and women.

To help us make some sense of these differences is Mark Goulston—a former trainer of hostage negotiators for the FBI.

He’ll share communication skills and techniques—based on what he used in life-or-death situations. Mastering these skills will accelerate your career.

Mark Goulston is a former trainer of hostage negotiators for the FBI. He returns to the show to share his perspective on the negotiations happening in Washington, DC. We examine what the politicians can get through to just about anybody from his latest book Just Listen.