Robert Landau is an International Motivational Speaker and a published author. He has delivered over 2,100 presentations and workshops in over 20 countries in his 15 year speaking career. Robert is a Positive Results Expert and a Certified Life Coach that works with individuals and businesses to help facilitate lasting positive and productive results. We discuss easy ways to achieve what you once thought was impossible as he teaches us how to create our own future.

Guests will include Robert Landau sharing how we can create our own future, Mike DeCesare of the Marine Stewardship Council and Mark Reynolds owner of the Jolly Oyster in Ventura.

Ron Kardashian is a family member of the Kardashian clan. His siblings Kim, Kourtney and Khloe may dominate the headlines, but he’s the man to pay attention to if you want to transform your business or personal life in seconds. He has a system to give us the insight to achieve the impossible he calls the Kardashian Method. He share his inspiring message with us.