Russell Bishop is a successful businessman and consultant. He helps individuals and companies create unparalleled success. He’s the master of workarounds that keep you moving forward—in work and life. I invite him back to the program to discuss his latest book, Workarounds that Work.

Jim Cathcart is a world-renowned motivational speaker. He has the rare ability to make a room a warmer, happier place simply by being in it. We discuss mid-course corrections to life and business plans one month into the New Year.

Jack Trout is a marketing guru, but we don’t talk about marketing. He’s on the show to discuss what he sees wrong in America and how we can return our country to the integrity it once had.

Jack Trout is the CEO of one of the most prestigious marketing firms in the world. He redefined marketing strategy and marketing thinking in the 1980s. He changed the business lexicon forever by introducing the term “Positioning” to marketers.

Here is the lineup of guests on BRAINSTOMIN’ with Billy the Brain for Thursday, November 11, 2010. Listen at or on AM 1400 in Ventura at 10 o’clock am Pacific time.