Hugh Aldersey-Williams takes the dry subject matter contained in the Periodic Table of Elements and makes it fun. He is the rare hybrid who bridges the best of science and the arts in his book Periodic Tales.

David Morgan shares with us the fastest growing asset in the commodity complex—sliver. He’s an expert on money, metals and mining. We discuss Silver as an investment vehicle to protect assets and grow wealth.

Here is the lineup of guests on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain for Wednesday, April 13, 2011. Listen at or on AM 1400 in Ventura at 10 o’clock am Pacific time.

Ken Winans is a financial guru who tells us about a little publicized investment vehicle—preferred stocks—and how they can make you money.

Charles Goyette predicted the housing bubble bursting before it happened. He believes that America is on an unsustainable path and that we must take steps—as individuals—to protect what wealth we still have left.