Andy Brown is an inspirational author, creativity coach and dreamer. He gives us new information to change our perspective away from material things to see a new reality. We discuss his latest book The Greatest Show In Town.

Bill Fischer teaches us how to find the beset ideas and make them happen from his book on creativity and innovation titled The Idea Hunter.

Andy Stefanovich is the chief curator and instigator at Prophet—a global strategic brand and marketing consultancy. We discuss his proven approach to innovate in today’s business world from his book titled Look At More.

Peter Sims has looked at the creative process in companies ranging from Amazon to Pixar. He’s discovered the linear problem solving and fear of failure we’ve been conditioned to embrace actively thwarts creativity. He shows us how to make Little Bets to generate breakthrough ideas.

Peter Sheahan is a youthful, determined evangelist for taking action. He works with leaders around the world to flip their thinking, help them find opportunities where others cannot and to create innovative approaches to change. We discuss his latest book, Making It Happen: Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results.

Gary Shapiro has a unique perspective on global competitiveness. He’s the head of the Consumer Electronics Association. He believes that the United States can regain its competitive edge by being more innovative. We discuss his ideas from his book The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream.