Sylvia Muñoz Schnopp is a City Councilwoman in Port Hueneme. In a departure from her “day job” as the head of a consulting company, she has written an historical novel about a nearly forgotten period of Mexican history. We discuss her first book, Abandoned Angels.

Seana-Marie Sesma is a “hot tamale.” She’s been selected to represent the Bell Arts Factory in the 2012 Dancing with our Community Stars Dance Contest & Charity Fundraiser. We discuss the contest and her connection to the Bell Arts Factory.

Peter Mullin is an international expert on 1930s French cars—and he has one of the world’s foremost museums of Bugatti and classic French cars right here in Oxnard.

Local ophthalmologist, Dr. Paul Dougherty, is pioneering vision care to improve near vision in people with excellent distance vision that find themselves needing reading glasses. We discuss Presbylens Corneal inlays.

Bill Hicks is the Director of the Casitas Municipal Water District—Division 1. He’s also a prominent Ventura citizen with an interesting background. Ww discuss the Water District and many aspects of his past.

Bill Watkins is the chief economist for CERF at California Lutheran University. Each year, he produces an economic forecast for Ventura County. He gives us a mid-year update on Ventura County’s 2012 economic picture.