Dave Zirin is the Freddie Krueger of sports writing. His “slash & burn” style leaves no doubt where he stands on issues. We discuss his latest book about the sports moment that changed history from his book The John Carlos Story.

Jay Johnstone is a former Major League Baseball outfielder best known for keeping clubhouses loose with occasional pranks and gimmick. We talk baseball and the role humor plays in good leadership.

Jeff Pearlman is a sports writer who’s written about one of the most enigmatic sports figures, Walter Payton. We discuss his book Sweetness.

Ed Hearn is a former Major League Baseball player with the World Champion New York Mets in 1986. We discuss how he overcame adversity as he went from the penthouse to the dog house and back from his book Conquering Life’s Curves.

Peter Vidmar is the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history. We discuss the R.O.V. principles he learned as an Olympic gymnast and apply them to our work and personal lives.

Ken Armstrong is an investigative journalist for The Seattle Times who, with his writing partner, exposed how a community’s blind embrace of a college football team compromised judges, prosecutors, police agencies, an entire university and the media. We discuss his book Scoreboard, Baby.