Ed Hearn Explains Conquering Curve Balls In Sports and In Life From His Own Remarkable Story


Ed Hearn fulfilled his childhood dream as a member of the 1986 World Champion New York Mets.

The following year with the Kansas City Royals, a serious shoulder injury brought a premature end to a very promising career.

Determined to overcome this untimely setback, Ed made the successful transition into the “real world” of corporate America.

But, less than six months after his baseball career ended, he was diagnosed with three potentially life threatening health conditions.

Once a strong, vibrant professional athlete, he was reduced to a man who could barely care for himself.

Today, after three life-saving kidney transplants, a successful bout with cancer, the aid of a breathing machine each night, a costly IV treatment once a month, and up to 50 pills per day, Ed has come back to live a life that is truly an inspiration.

Ed is the author of Conquering Life’s Curves – Baseball, Battles & Beyond,

He is the founder of The Bottom of the Ninth, a Kansas 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the mission of rebuilding the spirit and character of this nation.

Ed, his wife, and sixteen-year-old son reside in Shawnee, Kansas.