Ken Armstrong Uncovers Crime and Complicity In College Football In His Book Scoreboard, Baby

Ken Armstrong, co-author of SCOREBOARD, BABY

Ken Armstrong is an investigative reporter and Edgar Award-winning author.

He has been a Nieman Fellow at Harvard and the McGraw Professor of Writing at Princeton. In 2009 he won the John Chancellor Award from Columbia University for lifetime achievement.

He now works at The Seattle Times.

Ken previously worked at the Chicago Tribune.

Ken is a four-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

After earning his bachelor’s degree from Purdue, Ken had false starts in law school (University of Chicago) and the Peace Corps (Mauritania, West Africa) before going to work as a reporter.

Armstrong co-wrote Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity.

Ken is married and lives in Seattle with wife and two children.