Dan Kainen Attempts To Revolutionize Print Book With Photicular Technology Contained In His Book Safari

Dan Kainen, author of SAFARI: A PHOTICULAR BOOK

Dan Kainen is an inventor, an artist and a photographer.

His curiosity and passion for integrated imaging technology has led to 3 patents in that field—the latest of which is the basis for the Photicular technology used in the book Safari.

Dan lives in New York.

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  1. austinbambrook
    austinbambrook says:

    This book is the first I have seen that makes the Harry potter moving images on a page magic a reality. Like colour video on the page.

    The pages are a bit thick though, and the book content a little lite (i think this is the new word for lightweight). However this book is all about the moving images. Eadweard Muybridge would have loved this, and his portfolio could become a wonderful coffee table book. If only they could make the pages thinner.

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