Dr. David Jones Explains How To Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee At A Time, From His Book Million-Dollar Hire

Dr. David Jones, author of MILLION-DOLLAR HIRE

David P Jones, PhD has worked as an organizational psychologist for over 30 years.

One of the few in his profession to found and grow a major business enterprise, he launched HRStrategies, a human resources consulting and outsourcing firm with offices throughout the U.S. and Europe.

HRStrageies is recognized as one of the fastest growing consulting companies in the U.S prior to its acquisition by Aon Corporation.

Today, Dave is President of Growth Ventures Inc., a human capital advisory firm.

He works with both start-up and established companies, and units of government, to create innovative, technology-based recruiting and hiring solutions, often assuming the role of expert witness in employment litigation matters.

His latest book is titled Million-Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee At A Time.