Evan Kalish Snaps Photos Of The US Postal Service In Decline On His Website Going Postal

Evan Kalish, creator of GOING POSTAL blog

Evan Kalish, creator of GOING POSTAL blogEvan Kalish is 25 years old. He is photographing post offices across the country, particularly those in small rural areas.

His father has collected postmarks since 1960, and Evan became interested in post offices during his 3-month cross-country road trip back in 2008.  He has visited 2,850 post offices across 43 states, so far.

Evan attended Brown University and is currently at the University of Pennsylvania obtaining a Masters of Urban Spatial Analytics—working with spatial data, statistical analysis, and maps; ideally for the purpose of good decision-making.

This new career, however, has made Evan rethink his career ambitions to include being the Charles Kuralt of Post Offices across America.

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