Glen Whitney Explains Why We Need A Mathematics Museum In The US

Glen Whitney, Executive Director of MoMath Museum

Glen Whitney aims to make math fun. No, really. Glen’s ultimate mission is to build the world’s first Math Museum, MoMath.

Glen left Renaissance Technologies LLC late in 2008 after a decade at the $15 billion New York-based hedge fund firm to start the Math Factory, a group dedicated to the project.

Glen began his “love affair” with math when he was a teenager. One year at summer camp, he broke his collarbone and couldn’t participate in any of the sporting activities. All that was left to do was math, and he found he really liked it.

He is coming to Ventura County to speak at the Discovery Center for Science and Technology as part of the Science Speaker Series hosted by Baxter BioSciences. The event will be held Thursday, April 28th.

Glen Whitney received an undergraduate math degree from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in mathematical logic from UCLA.

He taught at the University of Michigan before moving to Wall Street.