Matthew Lesko Tells Listeners Where to Find “Free” Money

Matthew Lesko, Founder and President of Information, USA

Matthew Lesko, known to many as the question-mark clad pitchman who tells people where and how to find “free” government money, appeared on BRAINSTORMIN’ to give his Top 10 Dumb Things People Do When Low on Money.  Here’s the list, in its entirity:

Number 10. Pay An Invention Company to Work On Your Idea.
Number 9. Pay For Your Prescription Drugs.
Number 8. Pay Money To Take A Training Course
Number 7. Don’t Go To See A Doctor Because You Lost Your Job and Health Insurance.
Number 6. Pay Someone to Write a Grant Application If You Are NOT a Non-Profit.
Number 5. Pay To Have Someone Write Your Resume.
Number 4. Get Help From Someone Who Advertises They Will Cut Your Credit Card Debt.
Number 3. Pay Money To Someone Who Promises You A Grant.
Number 2. Give Money To Someone To Teach You to Work At Home.
Number 1. Pay Money To Someone Who Promises You a Better Job.

Hear the interview below:

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  1. Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnson says:

    Nice article and great audio interview to hear.
    Liked the idea of getting mt ideas patented or more to the point, having someone do that for me.
    Thanks again.

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