Radio Talker, Tony Clyburn, Explains “Being On The Job And Loving It”

Tony Clyburn, radio host with the catch phrase, “At my job and loving it.”

Tony Clyburn is a “lifer” in the radio business. He’s done little else in his working career, unless you count jobs as a junior garbage man in the family business, pumping gas in his teens and coordinating voter outreach in his 30s.

For 15 years, Tony has dominated the afternoon commute on WTCB, where he broadcasts in Columbia, S.C.

His signature line, “at my job and loving it,” has motivated tons of easy listeners.

Born into a working class family in New York, Tony was inspired by the metropolis that surrounded him.

Tony’s adventures in broadcasting began when a teacher recommended him for the Junior High Radio Club. He was a journalism student and apprenticed at radio stations in Illinois and Virginia.

He reported for NBC Radio and United Press International. He’s interviewed hundreds of folks from all walks of life. USA TODAY, Paul Harvey News and NBC TV have featured Tony’s humorous asides.

In 2006, Tony received the STAR Award as South Carolina Radio Personality of the Year. In 2007 he was honored with Award of Merit, given by the South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association.