Scott McKenzie Tells About The Man Behind The Nose, Larry “Bozo” Harmon

Scott McKenzie, co-author of The Man Behind The Nose: Larry “Bozo” Harmon

Scott McKenzie knows what it means to be a clown. He personally knew Larry Harmon, the world’s most famous clown—Bozo the Clown—and helped him write his life’s story.

His book, The Man Behind The Nose: Larry “Bozo” Harmon, tells the story of a genuine and caring person who related to generations of children because he may be the only adult who really understood them.

Long before there was a Big Bird on Sesame Street or a Dora the Explorer, there was Bozo the Clown. He had over 200 million TV viewers in 183 markets around the globe. There was a 10-year wait for tickets to the Bozo Show.

Bozo spawned other famous clowns such as Ronald McDonald and Krusty the Clown.

Learn how Larry Harmon created one of the most enduring roles in media with Bozo the Clown. Listen below: