Dee Wallace broke out of her “scream queen” stereotype by playing the mom in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classic film E.T.—The Extraterrestrial. She has since gone on to act in numerous other films and TV roles. We discuss her latest role as author and spiritual archeologist from her recent book Bright Light.

Barbara Eden is best known for her role as Jeannie in the hit TV series I Dream of Jeannie. We discuss her magical life both on and off the screen from her latest book Jeannie Out of the Bottle.

Pepper Jay is one of the country’s leading authorities on getting into show business. She began her acting career at age 5. Today, she coaches acting and singing performance skills. She is the founder of Pepper Jay Productions. We take a deeper look into the business of show business.

Tippi Hedren has risen to the top of her profession. She discusses the competitive nature that drove her to be the best actress possible and how she turned that competitive drive to philanthropic causes.

One of the most gracious guests I’ve had the opportunity to interview, Blythe Danner, appeared on BRAINSTORMIN’ to discuss her career—and what a career it has been.