Craig Unger writes about Karl Rove—a key figure in Republican politics for over a decade. We look at Rove’s influence on American politics—particularly his involvement in 2 crucial Supreme Court decisions that changed the country forever from his book Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power.

Ali Velshi is the Chief Business Correspondent at CNN. He shares the secret language of money—what to know and how to speak it—from his latest book How to Speak Money.

Guests include CNN’s Ali Velshi, Loral Langemeier and James Grippando all teaching about money.

Amy Alkon is a syndicated columnist for The Ventura County Reporter and 100 other newspapers around the country. Typically, she writes about good manners, but today she’ll discuss an invasion of her personal rights so heinous that she is now advocating being rude at airport security. We discuss her story and the loss of personal freedom we all experience post-9/11.

Bill Conerly helps corporate executives and small business owners make more profitable decisions by interpreting economic data. We examine whether the economy is recovering or heading to a double dip recession and what to do about it.

Dr. Carol Swain, author of BE THE PEOPLE

Dr. Carol Swain is a professor of law at Vanderbilt University. She wants to awaken American Christians to search for leaders who embrace moral, Christian values and who can make moral policy decisions. We discuss her book Be the People.