Steve Forbes knows a little about both business and politics. He is an internationally respected authority in economics, finance, and corporate leadership. He also understands politics having campaigned twice for the Republican nomination for the presidency. We discuss why free markets are moral and big government isn’t, from his latest book, Freedom Manifesto.

Guests include California Senate candidate Mike Stoker; political commentator Ann Coulter; rock ‘n’ roll legend Randy Bachman; Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine; businessman Ron Zayas; and licensing expert Danny Simon.

Chris Anderson is a business and technology visionary who changed business vocabulary forever when he coined the term The Long Tail. He’s focused his attention on the new DIY Maker economy. We discuss his latest thesis on the new Industrial Revolution from his book Makers.

Dr. Chika Onyeani, Chairman of the Celebrate Africa Foundation

Dr. Chika Onyeani—diplomat, publisher, author and Chairman of the Celebrate Africa Foundation speaks out against stereotyping of “black Africa.” He believes that terms like, “Sub-Sahara Africa” are pejorative. He urges Americans to think of Africa as one continent with 42 different nations.