Ed Brodow is an expert in the fine American art of negotiating. We discuss the recent negotiations in Congress over raising the debt ceiling limit and illustrate his negotiating tactics from his book Negotiation Boot Camp.

Ryan Blair explains the key to the fabric of our society—entrepreneurialism. What makes his journey fascinating is that he started life as a punk with a juvenile criminal record, street gang experience, and a lot of emotional scarring. He reveals his journey to where he is today from his book Nothing To Lose.

Here is the lineup of guests on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain for Tuesday, August 9, 2011. Listen at or on AM 1400 in Ventura at 10 o’clock am Pacific time.

William J. Tobin is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He holds more than 15 patents, has started more than 10 companies and is considered an Internet entrepreneur. We discuss why being an entrepreneur is the most secure job position one can have during difficult economic times from his book Confessions of a Compulsive Entrepreneur and Inventor.

Guy Kawasaki is an innovator, an instigator, an evangelist, a serial entrepreneur, a best-selling author and a highly visible spokesperson for technology and how it can improve our lives. We discuss how to wield the most influence in the digital age by enchanting customers from his book titled Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

Chris Rabb is a fellow at Demos, a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization based in New York City. He coined the term “invisible capital” to represent the unseen forces that dramatically impact entrepreneurial viability when a good attitude, a great idea, and hard work simply aren’t enough. We discuss his theory from his book Invisible Capital.