George Gilder is the father of Supply-Side Economics. He’s also the most quoted living author during the Reagan presidency.

He’s now says, “Forget about supply and demand,” he’s got a new theory of capitalism that’s revolutionary. We discuss his latest findings from his book Knowledge And Power.

Robert Fishbone is a serial entrepreneur with an artistic bent. He provides us motivation to turn our “off the wall” ideas into action in the year ahead.

Guests will include successful entrepreneur Robert Fishbone, photojournalist Evan Kalish and bestselling author and business coach Jim Mathis.

Ralph Morin is a film documentarian, an entrepreneur, an author and a lover of martial music. He’s taken a long film script about the Cold War period of 1946-1990 and turned it into a book. We discuss the Cold War era from his book, The Cold War: A Remembrance.

Darren Hardy is a successful entrepreneur and currently is the publisher of SUCCESS Magazine. We discuss how to Jumpstart our income, our lives and our success from his book The Compound Effect.

Bill Wagner is an expert in entrepreneurship having worked with entrepreneurs for 20 years. We uncover the secrets to financial independence from his latest book The Entrepreneur Next Door.