Guests include David McCallum previewing his forthcoming keynote address in Oxnard; local IT business owner Ken May discussing the Apple-Facebook-Google battles; Stephen Schochet talking about Hollywood legends; George Gilder, the father of Supply-Side Economics discussing Wealth & Poverty; Niels Nielsen talking about God in the Obama Era and Daniel Coyle reciting from The Little Book of Talent.

Ken May is a local computer services company owner, former radio show host and author of the book The Boss’s Guide to Smarter IT. We analyze the Winners & Losers in Google-Facebook-Apple Triangle.

Heather Lutze is the CEO of Findability Group, a nationally recognized Internet consulting company. She gives us the easy, non-technical approach to Internet marketing from her book, The Findability Formula.

Philippa Gamse is an Internet strategy pioneer. She provides us ways to improve our web presence from her latest book 42 Rules for a Winning Web Presence.

Joel Garfinkle is a professional career coach, author and speaker. He explains his 3-step system to advance one’s career from his book Getting Ahead.

Tom Frey is a futurist—but not just any futurist. He’s the futurist Google hired to help them gaze into the future. He’ll share 8 Future Technologies That Will Define the World in the Coming Decade.