Philippa Gamse Gives 42 Rules For A Web Presence That Wins!

Philippa Gamse, author of 42 RULES FOR A WEB PRESENCE THAT WINS

Philippa Gamse has been working with Internet applications since 1991 as an Internet strategy pioneer.

Philippa was an “Internet evangelist” for a major national nonprofit organization, inspiring her colleagues to work together online, and building the expertise. She then formed her own consulting and speaking practice in 1995.

As a consultant, she drills deep into the visitor experience of each site, and creates actionable and specific recommendations.

As a speaker, Philippa excels in stripping away the “geek-speak” and delivering practical, easy to understand, immediately applicable advice.

Philippa co-authored the ground-breaking Seven Steps to Building Electronic Communities, which continues to be cited as a foundational text for the social networking movement.

Her latest book is titled 42 Rules for a Winning Web Presence which she co-authored with another former guest on this show, Laura Lowell.