George Gilder wrote the Bible for Supply-Side Economics at the beginning of the Reagan Presidency in the early 1980s. He’s recently updated it for the 21st Century. We discuss why we need Supply-Side Economics today more than ever from his book Wealth & Poverty: A New Edition For The 21st Century.

Fred Eckert believes mainstream media is far too lenient towards the remarks by President Barack Obama. While the media portrays President Obama as brainy and knowledgeable, my guest will show that much of what the president says is “incredibly dopey.” We discuss his book That’s a Crock, Barrack.

Michael Reagan is a political commentator and son of former California Governor and former President Ronald Reagan. We discuss the Iowa Caucuses and the upcoming GOP debates.

Guests include Michael Reagan talking politics, Tommy Hawkins talking basketball and Diane Goldstein talking pot.

Will Watson is the former Chief of Intelligence on the National Emergency Airborne Command post. He describes his role and the importance of the National Emergency Airborne Command throughout history.

Del Quentin Wilbur is a recovering former collegiate baseball player who’s turned to journalism. He’s written about an underreported episode in President Ronald Reagan’s presidency—the attempted assassination by John Hinkley, Jr. March 30, 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the attempt. We talk about his book on the subject, Rawhide Down.