George Gilder is the father of Supply-Side Economics. He’s also the most quoted living author during the Reagan presidency.

He’s now says, “Forget about supply and demand,” he’s got a new theory of capitalism that’s revolutionary. We discuss his latest findings from his book Knowledge And Power.

Ed Summers is the CEO of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. We discuss doing business in Ventura and how businesspeople can take advantage of what that organization has to offer.

Stephanie Chandler is an Internet marketing expert who’s developed a system to help Internet entrepreneurs LEAP into business. We discuss her system contained in her book LEAP! 101 Ways To Grow Your Business.

David Avrin helps individuals and companies go from obscurity to top-of-mind in their area of expertise. We discuss how people and businesses can raise their visibility from his book, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You.

Susan Schreter embraces entrepreneurs and what they can do for our economy. She’s examined an emerging type of entrepreneur, social– or citizen–sector entrepreneurs. We review how this new breed of entrepreneur may save our flagging economy.

Susan Schreter embraces President Barack Obama’s proclaiming last week National Small Business Week, but disagrees with what’s necessary to make small business stronger. We examine what she believes government can do to jump start small business to create new jobs from her website,