Stephanie Chandler Encourages Business Owners To LEAP! To Grow Their Business

Stephanie Chandler, author of LEAP!

Stephanie Chandler spent a decade in the fast-paced Silicon Valley in various roles including software sales, technical training, and technical support.

When she developed an ulcer before her 30th birthday, she knew it was time for a complete lifestyle change.

Stephanie fled corporate America in 2003 and opened a bookstore in Sacramento, CA (she sold the store in 2007). In the process, she discovered a new passion: helping aspiring entrepreneurs find the same freedom that she did. In response,

She launched, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs and began writing books about small business marketing.

Stephanie is founder and CEO of Stephanie Chandler Enterprises, LLC, the parent company to Authority Publishing, a custom book publisher specializing in non-fiction books.

She is also an author of several books including: LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business.

Stephanie lives near Sacramento, California with her husband and preschool-aged son. They have a dog and two cats—all rescued from local animal shelters.

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