Larry Naritelli is a Gubernatorial candidate in the 2010 election. He ran as a Republican in the Tea Party movement. We discuss why small government, small taxes and large individual freedom are the keys to California’s—and the country’s—future.

Guests include 2010 California Gubernatorial candidate Larry Naritelli; Dr. Steven Hausman discussing nanotechnology and Richard Lustig explaining his method to increase your chances of winning the Lottery.

Guests include Ventura City Council candidates Danny Carrillo and Bill Knox, plus Brendon Burchard discussing how to be a Millionaire Messenger.

Guests include political pollster and pundit Scott Rasmussen, author of Damaged Goods, Adina Nack and Peter Bregman, CEO of Bregman Partners.

Rick Santelli CNBC’s editor from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. His no-nonsense style of reporting on the bond and currency markets make him a favorite among investors concerned with the growing size and scope of government involvement in the financial markets. We discuss the end of Quantitative Easing II and the future of the bond and currency markets.

Kate Zernike examines the Tea Party movement in America. Some surveys show as many as 25% of Americans support the Tea Party. This is a political force to be reckoned with. We’ll look inside the Tea Party to see who composes the group and how these disparate people banded together.