Allison Maslan Explains To Listeners How To Make Their Lives Blast Off!

Allison Maslan, author of Blast Off!

Allison Maslan is regarded as the preeminent strategic life and business strategist in the United States.

Allison is the founder and president of Blast Off! Life and Business Coaching.

Allison has been an entrepreneur for many years and has a vibrant and powerful array of nine successful businesses to her credit in many different industries.

She is a No. 1 bestselling author, an international speaker and the president of the Homeopathic Wellness Center in Encinitas, Calif., where she has practiced as a Nationally Certified Homeopath and Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner for the past 15 years.

When she was in her twenties, Allison built the Barali Group, a full-service advertising and public relations firm. Her client list included Supercuts, Allstate Insurance, Merrill Lynch, Charlotte Russe and MCI.

As a successful real estate investor, Allison manages several properties and coaches others to do the same.

She also built one of the most renowned homeopathic colleges in the country.

We discuss her new, No. 1 book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan To Launch Your Dreams Into Reality in which Allison gives tips for tapping into your passions and finding a fulfilling career or hobby.