Gary Fong Readjusts His Thinking And Becomes The Accidental Millionaire

Gary Fong, author of The Accidental Millionaire

Gary Fong’s path to a professional photography career was highly unexpected.

He has a degree in Pharmacology. Gary worked in hospitals, labs, emergency rooms and pathology departments anticipating a career as a physician.

All of that changed when he decided—for richer or poorer, to begin a career in wedding photography simply because, “he wanted to be around happier people.”

Breaking the news to first generation asian parents of an only child was not easy. They presented a unique challenge – he had to show in one year that he could earn more than a doctor could, or go to medical school.

So, starting with $254 and one camera in a small bedroom of his parent’s apartment, he developed an album presentation style he called, “The Storybook” and it became a huge success.

Gary went on to become an internationally-renowned photographer who photographed assignments and lectured around the globe,

His celebrity clientele built quickly, photographing the cover for President Ronald Reagan’s Memoirs book, the late President’s official autobiography.

Gary spends up to 1/3 of a typical year in Europe. He is fluent in Spanish and French.