Andy Brown—Futurist—Writes About The Greatest Show In Town

Andrew Brown, author of THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN

Andy Brown says everything is about family, education, love, and respect – and the act of giving back.

One of his often used quotes – “Inspiration creates desire and desire creates energy to do the things we want” – pretty much sums up the road less traveled that he took in writing The Best Show In Town.

The theme of living twice in the story is drawn from his own life.

A frail child who might not have survived without modern medicine, he would come to believe that he was given a second chance in life. The untimely loss of his beloved parents would become his inspiration. The family mindset was one of abundance – that anything was possible. This set in motion a critical assessment of societal values.

Andy began to think of ways to help people see the beauty in everyday life.

Andy Brown is a futurist and inspirer living in San Francisco. His 5 adult children continue to inspire him today.