Betsy Shipley & Günter Pfaff Explain Their Love of Tempeh

Betsy Shipley & Günter Pfaff, tempeh aficionados

Betsy Shipley and Günter Pfaff explained that Tempeh is an Indonesian soybean product that is pre-digested, eatible mold.It has no cholesterol, it is organic, it has no hormones, it has fiber and anti-oxidents.

Betsy and Güneter want to bring Tempeh “out of the closet.” Tofu, Tempeh’s soybean cousin, is more popular in the United States—probably due to better marketing by Tofu manufacturers.

Tempeh is an artisan food—it is handmade.

Betsy and Günter want to start a Tempeh Booster’s Group. To learn more or to join the Booster’s Group, listen to the interview below: