California Olive Ranch CEO Gregg Kelley Explains California Olive Oil’s Virtues

Gregg Kelley, CEO of the California Olive Ranch

Gregg Kelley, CEO of the California Olive Ranch, tells us the number of gallons of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO—as Rachel Ray likes to say) sold in this country has jumped nearly 40% in the last 10 years.  American consumers are spending over $700 million dollars a year on olive oil yet nearly 99% of the olive oil sold in this country is purchased overseas.

During his tenure, Kelley has led the company’s rapid expansion from a single ranch-and-mill operation to an entity that manages more than 10,000 acres of super high density (SHD) olive orchards.  California Olive Ranch is a global leader in the super high density method of harvesting olives.

Listen to the entire interview below: