Dave Zirin Discusses His Book Bad Sports

Dave Zirin, author of Bad Sports: How Owners Are Ruining The Games We Love

Sports reporter, Dave Zirin, gave examples of how sports team owners are ruining the games we love to watch. Talking about his latest book, Bad Sports: How Owners Are Ruining The Games We Love, Dave launched into how the Unholy Trinity of revenue streams to sports team owners—public funds for stadiums, corporate sponsorship of stadiums and boxes and television rights—cause team owners to ignore the fans of the games they run.

Citing the Green Bay Packers model of sports team ownership, Dave believes the situation can improve for sports, but not without radical changes.

In our time together, Dave lambasted MLB Commissioner Bud Selig; Hank & Merritt Paulson, owners of the Portland Beavers minor league baseball team; and Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers.

Listen to this sharp edged interview below: