David Friedlaender Unlocks The Door To Happiness Using The 12 Keys

David Friedlaender, author of THE 12 KEYS

David Friedlaender is an author, an entrepreneur and an adventurer, motivating, inspiring and teaching others how to eliminate fear, anxiety and doubt and replace them with hope, love, confidence to live our best lives, right now!

Sparked by a dramatic life transformation in 2006 while re-building the New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, he became aware of his life’s purpose and mission.

As he learned to heal and transform every area of his life from his finances, physical and mental health, relationships and spirituality, he knew he had been given an amazing ‘gift’ that was given to him as a gift to share for the benefit of others.

A graduate of the International Academy of design and technology in Toronto, David is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and yoga instructor specializing in peak performance coaching for professional athletes.

He is a licensed general contractor and the co-founder of Faux de Lis Painting and The Diamond Coat decorative paint systems that are used in fine hotels throughout the southeast US.

He is also the founder of www.thesolyd.com, A free website devoted to positive mind, body and spiritual content.

His hobbies include spear fishing, underwater exploration, flying airplanes, motorcycles and travel.

He spends his time with friends and family between New Orleans, Dallas and Los Angeles.