Don Gilman Discusses Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Business

Don Gilman, author of the forthcoming book CHAMELEON CORPORATIONS

Don Gilman is a professional speaker, a trainer, and a consultant. He is the president of Chameleon Creators, Inc., a change management consulting firm, and author of the upcoming book, Chameleon Corporations: How Companies Adapt to a Changing Environment.

Don holds advanced degrees in Engineering Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Engineering Management, and Doctoral studies in Organization Change. He is uniquely positioned to understand the major trends affecting our world today.

A key element of Don’s work has been to look at major trends and how they interact with each other, in an effort to determine how they are most likely to play out. Often running against conventional wisdom, this “trends blending” approach has allowed him to correctly call everything from organization issues and stock market swings, to real estate values, and election results.

Don has served on the executive board of the Institute of Management Consultants Southern California division.

Regularly quoted in a wide variety of media, Don has appeared on radio and television from coast to coast and around the world, including CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and the BBC.