Donny Caccamise & Stephen Joyce Discuss Holiday Travel

Donny Caccamise, CEO of DMC Transmissions

Stephen Joyce, Travel Consultant, CEO of SeeMeThenGoAway.com

Donny Caccemise is the owner of DMC Transmissions in Ventura.

Stephen Joyce is the local owner of World Ventures, an online travel agency. His motto is, “see me and go away.”

Stephen cites Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere are popular international destinations. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Hollywood and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum are popular destinations within 300 miles of Ventura.

Donny cites windshield wipers, tire pressure (including the spare), HVAC which stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition systems.

Sound advice for the journey from Donny includes relax, allow extra travel time and plan frequent rest stops.

The driving tip of the day came from a question from a caller, Mary. She asked what the impact is of keeping the gas tank filled above half. Donny said, “anything below half a tank, consider the tank empty.”

Stephen says there are many disadvantages of holiday travel. First among them is the higher cost of airfares. Interestingly, a study shows that working with a travel agent like Stephen saves money over shopping on the Internet in 70% of the cases.

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