Dr. Betsy Kruger Applies The 80/20 Rule To Business In Her Book Top Market Strategy

Dr. Betsy Kruger, author of TOP MARKET STRATEGY

Dr. Elizabeth Kruger was motivated by the 2008 economic crisis to do what she could to improve the world’s prosperity—one business at a time.

Betsy has Managed diverse marketing projects for many corporations, taught over 2,000 business students, and authored software programs and many articles for top academic journals in her career.
As she searched for the universal principle of business success, she remembered the various applications of the 80/20 Principle written about by Richard Koch.

It was clear that the 80/20 Principle had been the driving force for Betsy’s success. For over 10 years, Betsy’s life strategy was to target the best and ignore the rest.

This principle predicts that the most profitable 20% of your customers generate 80% of your profit, whereas the other 80% generate only 20%.

The Constitution states that all people are created equal, but some prospects are 16 times more valuable to your business than others.

Betsy lives and works in Florida.