Kathryn Heath Encourages Women To Break Your Own Rules To Succeed In Business

Kathryn Heath, co-author of BREAK YOUR OWN RULES

Kathryn Heath, Ph.D., is founding partner at Flynn Heath Holt Leadership (FHHL).

The firm’s goal is to move women and organizations forward, faster.

She serves as a developer of leadership programs, coach, and training designer.

One of the hallmarks of Kathryn’s work is addressing organizations’ specific business targets through customized programs that move women forward, faster.

Before she co-founded FHHL, Kathryn was Senior Vice President and Director of First University at the nation’s fourth-largest bank, First Union (now Wells Fargo), where her inventive and results-focused approach won her numerous awards in the field of learning and development.

At First Union, Kathryn centralized training, expanded the tools and channels both onsite and remotely, and increased the training hours per person exponentially during a period of explosive growth.